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Total Access Internet Banking Security

Security technology to protect your banking information

At Brenham National Bank we employ the latest security technology to protect your banking information on all of our computers, especially those used for Total Access Internet Banking.
Our Total Access Internet Banking system requires that your computer utilize 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level of security currently available. Encryption allows secure commerce over the Internet. When you send or request information on the Internet, it travels on public lines where it can potentially be intercepted and used by any hacker. With 128-bit encryption the information is "scrambled" and then sent over the public lines so that only the receiving computer can read it. If the hacker does intercept the information, he/she will not be able to read it, because of the encryption.
Additionally, once your information reaches the bank via the Internet, it must pass through a firewall. A firewall acts as a security guard for Internet traffic, making sure that only approved visitors come in.
Total Access Internet Banking is very secure. This may be contrary to some things you have seen or read about Internet Banking, but it is more secure than giving a check (with your account information on it) to a clerk in a store.
If you have any questions about security or if you are ever in doubt about entering personal information over the internet, please contact Brenham National Bank immediately at 979-836-4571 or 888-292-4571. 2012 Supported Browsers for Total Access Internet Banking

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